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Treble Choir (Grade 9): Treble Choir is designed for the 9th grade or beginning treble voice. The choir sings some music in 2-part harmony and unison, but mainly in 3-part harmony. The ensemble will study aspects of various types of music, as well as vocal and musical development, with an emphasis on sight-reading.

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Concert Choir (Grades 9 – 12): Concert Choir is a large advanced mixed choir of Sopranos and Altos in grades 10 – 12 and Tenors and Basses in grades 9 – 12. The choir sings 4- to 8-part music from all musical style periods, including performance of small major works with orchestra. An emphasis is placed on good vocal production and development, music theory, sight-reading, and ensemble performance.

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Voicemale (Grades 9-12): Voicemale is a small, select, Tenor/Bass ensemble that performs a wide variety of musical styles, including both accompanied and a cappella selections. Founded in 2007 by choir students who wanted the experience of singing in a Men’s Choir, the ensemble made its debut at the Pyramid Concert to rave reviews. Voicemale is an extra-curricular choir and usually meets once a week during Links.

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Chamber Choir (Grades 10 – 12): Chamber Choir is a small advanced treble ensemble. The class explores all musical genres. An emphasis is placed on independent and a cappella singing. There is some time commitment with after school rehearsals, especially leading up to the Renaissance Feaste.

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Madrigals (Grades 10 – 12): Madrigals is a small advanced mixed ensemble. The Choir performs Renaissance music and other musical style periods. An emphasis is placed on independent and a cappella singing. There is a significant time commitment with after school rehearsals and evening performances, especially during the holiday season.

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