Special Choirs

VMEA Honors Choir 2018
VMEA Honors Choir 2018

VMEA Honors choir - 12th grade students audition for their choir once in their high school career, rehearsing and performing a selected piece, and performing an unknown piece for a panel of judges.

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District XII - Mixed Choir 2018
District XII - Mixed Choir 2018

The All-District Honor Choir is an opportunity for singers from District 12 to rehearse challenging music and work with a renowned choral conductor at an advanced level. Each year the All District Chorus performances are powerful and memorable. There are two All District Choirs. The Treble Chorus and the SATB (Mixed) Chorus are for students in grades 9-12. To audition for these choirs, you are to prepare a piece of music and sight read.

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All Virginia Choir 2019
All Virginia Choir 2019

6 students from District Choir were selected to perform in the All Virginia Choir. Congrats!

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VMEA Honors Choir 

VMEA Honors Choir is a select choir for seniors across Virginia.  The auditions were held at Longwood University on October 13.  This is a highly competitive audition with nearly 600 seniors from all over the state. 

Congrats to the 2018 selected seniors:

Lindsey Bertin
Caroline Stock
Ann Chen
Alex Hanna
Nick Zoski
Chris Wallach


These seniors performed at the State Music Conference on November 17, in Hot Springs, Va. 

District XII 2018-9 Honors Choir

46 students tried out for the District XII Honors Choir.  Congrats to the 38 students were selected, and the additional student who is an alternate. 

All Virginia Chorus

Students selected for the District XII Chorus are eligible to audition for the All Virginia Chorus, held at Marshall HS, Falls Church, in February 7.  This is a highly competitive choir with students from all over the state.  


All Virginia Choir 2019

Christopher Wallach

Claire Doody

Cynthia Hu

Ellie Smedberg

Kaylie Yim

Thomas Miner

Alternates: Lindsey Bertin, Shriya Iyer, Mary Keating, Maggie Worden, Will Yang