Special Choirs

2021 VMEA Honors Choir
2021 VMEA Honors Choir
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2020 LHS District Honors Chorus
2020 LHS District Honors Chorus
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All Virginia Choir 2019
All Virginia Choir 2019

6 students from District Choir were selected to perform in the All Virginia Choir. Congrats!

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VMEA Honors Choir 

VMEA Honors Choir is a select choir for seniors across Virginia. 

Congrats to the 2021 participants:

William Bertin

Mike Buckingham

Brandon Edgerly

Tamara Haidar

Shriya Iyer

Ryan Jones

Tavian Jones

Tommy Keating


These seniors performed at the State Music Conference on November 20 in Norfolk, VA. 

District XII

2022 Honors Chorus

28 students tried out for the District XII Honors Choir and all 28 were accepted!   

District XII Honors Chorus will be held Feb. 10-12 at Washington-Liberty HS in Arlington.

All Virginia Chorus

Students selected for the District XII Chorus are eligible to audition for All Virginia Chorus, This year's audition will be held virtually in February 2022.  This is a highly competitive choir with students from all over the state.  


All Virginia Choir 2019

Christopher Wallach

Claire Doody

Cynthia Hu

Ellie Smedberg

Kaylie Yim

Thomas Miner

Alternates: Lindsey Bertin, Shriya Iyer, Mary Keating, Maggie Worden, Will Yang